Mmmmm it’s so hard to reconcile Neo Queen Serenity with Usagi here. She’s so softspoken here, which is not something I can ever imagine Usagi becoming. 

Also the way she’s talking makes me wonder about NQS stepping back and letting this thing with Chibs play out because she knew it was the only way Chibs would transform and the only way the timeline would be correct…but that’s horrible obviously, and not something I can ever see Usagi doing, even a thousand years later. But it’s just something that popped up as a thought- not something I think actually happened.

In Sailor Moon, there are sort of multiple timelines going on- it isn’t an infinite loop immutable thing. We see that Chibiusa can blink out of existence, that history has a chance of being rewritten. The Black Moon definitely fucked around with history. And it does make me have a lot of weird time travel thoughts. Maybe NQS seems weird here because this IS a different timeline than what she’ll actually be, this is a timeline where things got screwed up a little.

But the Black Moon’s gone and Usagi now knows what to expect for her future and her future daughter and what she’ll be struggling with. Wouldn’t that mean Usagi’s actions would be different? Is is possible that once Chibiusa returns to the past to say goodbye, this future will shift a little too? NQS will be able to retain a little more of her Usaginess, be able to help Chibiusa cope a little more…which is why later we have Chibs delivering that silly, doodly letter that shows NQS isn’t that different from Usagi.

But then there’s the fact all these events definitely had to happen…I dunno, time travel stuff is weird, I can’t make sense of this. Jet Wolf is better at this stuff than I am, we’ll see what she thinks when she gets to this part.

Getting past all that, I do feel this is another scene that’s a bit weaker in comparison with the manga, because if we don’t see NQS hug and cry over Chibiusa it doesn’t sell her love as much. 

But there’s a lot of themes that resonate through this- the theme of how growing up is painful but necessary and how it’s about taking responsibility. NQS knowing to a degree how it felt for Chibs because she went through a similar thing. And then we have NQS echoing what Pluto said to Chibiusa. “My one and only princess”. This shows the audience that like Pluto, NQS loved Chibs all along and considers her irreplaceable. Her and Setsuna’s feelings about Chibs are similar, even if Chibs didn’t realize that.


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