Rei just decides to start rasslin’ Jadeite because this shit needs to stop. What a badass.

And there’s the huge sense here Rei has finally found her purpose and is finally able to embrace herself. Her powers were something she was always taught she had to suppress and be ashamed of, but here, they are needed and essential. She can finally own them and use her full potential. And it’s all because she finally found people who can support and understand her, and won’t run away. I like how she looks to Usagi and Ami to question whether this is legit. There’s a sort of trust there already. She senses her kindred spirits.

This is the running theme throughout the people Usagi finds. She shows them they don’t have to hide and be ashamed of what makes them different. They can embrace it and own it because they will always have support and kinship in her. Everyone has a purpose.

On a side note, I like that Jadeite has ice powers so he can stand as a direct opposite to Rei and Rei is the best one to take him down. I wonder if Nephrite will have opposite-Jupiter powers etc. in a similar way. 


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