My rant may have been premature. I mean possibly, if this sticks.

That doesn’t really make sense (I mean on one hand I think that is an actual thing, on the other hand is precure telling me love is like being attacked by monsters) but makes a hell of a lot more sense than “i have the doki dokis for seiji bc he’s so gallant”. 

Also, there’s a possibility Seiji might not like Megumi that way even, since he was all like “MEGUMI IS LIKE FAMILY TO ME NOW DESCRIBE YOUR FEELINGS” to Blue. Like are we supposed to be thinking that his distress was actually just being worried that his friend-slash-sister was going to be heartbroken? And Blue definitely doesn’t seem to have feelings for Megumi which is a relief. 

It seems like this nonsense has stopped for now. Let’s hope it sticks (I mean, Megumi’s feelings will have to be resolved at some point and that’s fine, just no more Hime-Megumi-Seiji love triangles please god). 

I suppose it’s good to let kids know it is not love every time your heart pounds. Anime can give that impression.




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