Man, I wonder if I’m imagining it, but IT REALLY FEELS LIKE Hachapre is CONSTANTLY going “SO TAKE THAT, MADOKA” with this wish thing.

Like, Fortune’s wish is Madoka’s! IT IS EXACTLY IN THE SPIRIT OF MADOKA’S WISH. But there’s no forced “bittersweet” aspect here or the idea that “all wishes must bring misfortune, becoming a magical girl brings despair.” Because no, there’s nothing about wanting to save others and make a difference yourself that’s going to curse you or bring misfortune. There is absolutely nothing negative of despair causing about Iona’s wish, and there is nothing wrong with her wanting this and getting it granted

Sure, wishes made to neglect or hurt other people will bring misfortune, but women are perfectly capable of making the correct wish, of gaining that wish through hard work, choosing the correct path and NOT SUFFERING FOR IT. Iona makes the right decision and triumphs because of it. No drawbacks. Because there’s nothing “cursed” about being a hero and there’s nothing despair-inducing or lonely about becoming one. A young woman who wishes to help her friends doesn’t have to live apart from them or watch them die.


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