Winry and Edward’s marriage didn’t last too long, as Winry still hit him constantly, and sooner or later he got sick of it. Edward and Winry divorced, though still remained friends. She was even invited to his wedding when he got married for the second time, this time to meek baker girl from Central.

Submitted by kidathechimera

people continue not to understand that ultra-exaggerated slapstick in FMA has nothing to do with reality and ignore that it is not at all limited to Winry and several people in FMA slapstick hit Ed and Ed slapstick hits girls even. 

Even within the logic of the slapstick, Arakawa has confirmed that Ed is perfectly capable of avoiding Winry’s wrench but chooses not to, so if he was sick of it, wouldn’t he just….get out of the way and ask her to stop…but he specifically doesn’t want to. Like that is creator confirmed.

also Ed and Winry had several kids how on earth would the marriage have been short? Do you even care what happens to the kids in your headcanon?

What really weirds me out if you specified “meek” girl for Ed’s next mairriage. Like your problem with Winry is not actually concerns about abuse, but that she was “domineering” and a dude like Ed wouldn’t stand for it so his next wife would be “meek”. And….did we even watch the same show or read the same manga.

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