So yesterday I found out that Randy Queen (artist of DarkChylde) filed a bunch of DMCA takedown notices to Tumblr to remove posts of his covers on this blog (the entire posts, not just the images).  I’ve also gotten messages from other users that he’s had their stuff removed too (redraws, etc that have been featured here).  Non-critical Tumblr posts of his art/covers and those praising his work appear to be unaffected.

I’m writing this to let other people who run sites that might have criticized his work ( thehawkeyeinitiative, bikiniarmorbattledamage, boobsdontworkthatway, repair-her-armor, comicartcorrections etc) know that he seems to use DMCA takedowns to remove pages that are critical of his work.  And, to be prepared that he might have Tumblr remove your posts without warning (there was no prior communication of any kind, or conventional requests for removal).

Also, if you’ve submitted redraws of his stuff to these sites, you might want to ask them to put them private for now (if he complains about a submission you’ve made, Tumblr will count it as a complaint against your account).

To date, Mr. Queen is the only artist who has taken this kind of action – other artists and publishers seem to understand Escher Girls & other similar sites are fair use and criticism, and that fan discussion, positive or negative, is important and helpful to their business. (In fact, the creators I’ve interacted with are either fans of EG, or expressed disagreement but know that it’s fan criticism.)

If anybody is curious about what his DarkChylde art looked like and why they were featured on this blog you can find them here.

(Don’t harass him on his Facebook or Tumblr by the way.  I’m not interested in having a feud with him, just letting people know what’s going on.)

Update: He has now filed a DMCA takedown with Tumblr to remove this post.  This post is still up on Escher Girls, but every single reblog of it has been removed.

Whelp, let’s keep it going.

I thought this post had been entirely removed by tumblr, but it just came back across my dash.  Apparently either Queen had tumblr remove all of the reblogs prior to a certain point (which if that’s the case, that is not a power I knew tumblr wielded), or he had the post removed and Escher Girls was able to contest it and get it restored with the likes intact if not the reblogs.

I’ll restate my previous—now deleted—commentary:  this is the last thing I expected to happen when I did an MS Paint redraw of a teenage girl getting out of bed to show what she might look like without perfect hair and vacuum-sealed boobs.

And now he’s threatening defamation action over criticisms of his use of DMCA takedowns to try and shut down public discussion, including discussion that uses none of his copyright materials. So, yeah. Don’t bug this guy unless you want dueling lawyers at high noon. Even if he does draw vacuum-sealed pyjamas.

reblogging with the added article link

‘Don’t bug this guy unless you want dueling lawyers at high noon’ – nah, that whole article is about how Queen has no idea how copyright and fair use works. Like, I literally just had a whole week of incredibly boring classes on copyright in media last week; we can and should boost the hell out of this post. He is playing the ‘I’ll get my lawyers’ card to scare people despite the fact any lawyer would laugh in his face at the concept.

People on the internet are allowed to talk about him. We’re definitely allowed to post public parody, as parody counts as fair use under ‘criticism and review’.

Especially when he’s being such an utter dick.


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