This is absolutely outstanding Sailor Moon related news. The quotes can be found in this article with ICv2 here.


The Sailor Moon part of the interview is below with Viz Media Vice President Publishing Leyla Aker and Director Publishing Sales and Marketing Kevin Hamric:

Anything else going on with VIZ that we haven’t talked about?

Hamric: On the anime side, just a small little thing called Sailor Moon.  Couldn’t be happier.  For two weeks we had the number one show on Hulu, not just in our category, but the #1 show wasSailor Moon.  It launched the week of Anime Expo at Fourth of July. 

Aker: That is also gratifying because that is one that we knew would do well, but not that well.  Then it just exploded.
Hamric: The pre-orders for the DVD/Blu-ray for this fall are already the largest VIZ has ever seen in its history.  Mass is taking a tremendous position on this.
Aker: Which is amazing because with mass merchants (along with other retailers), there’s a caution around girls properties.  Maybe the reason for Sailor Moon’s popularity is you can watch it at age 8 or age 38.  There’s the nostalgia buyers.
How are you going to age rate it? 

Aker:  The age rating will stay young teen because there’s no content in it to rate it older.



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