So Sailor Moon has agreed to go with Demando /Dimand/however you spell it/sir scumbag esquire in exchange for him leaving her past self alone and not fucking up history, and before they rescue her all the Senshi are making big soppy speeches about how important Sailor Moon is

EVEN HARUKA AND MICHIRU (Haruka there is no “probably” about it. Michiru I thought you saved that kinda talk for Haruka)

but then Minako is randomly like “she isn’t that great but whatever” 


This is not the time or place to talk about what a dunce Usagi is, Also you’re being redundant being like “she’s a dunce plus she wasn’t the smartest person” I THINK YOU PROBABLY SHOULDN’T THROW STONES HERE. 

Like this would almost make sense for Rei, since she’s all tsundere toward Usagi, but Mina’s,…not? It’s like she got fed up with everyone praising Usagi and had to be like “BUT ALSO SHE’S STUPID” but not only is this not the time for that, she’s never done that before. 

I wanted to leave her out of the mission with that attitude but she was one of my more powerful attackers so I had to take her along.


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