If this match isn’t possible, I’ll try for one game at least.
If one game is impossible, then one point at least.

Aim for the Ace! by Sumika Yamamoto is the story of Hiromi Oka, a hardworking, anxious girl who joins the tennis club after being wowed by Reika Ryuzaki’s beautiful form—nicknamed “Madame Butterfly” because of her grace. Hiromi’s problems start when their new coach sees incredible potential in her and adds her to the varsity team, replacing a more talented (and very displeased) member. Luckily her friend, Mika Aikawa, is always there to back her up as best she can.

The animation is somewhat dated, but done by a master. It may take you some time to adjust, but please stick with it until at least episode 9. It’s one of the best-selling shoujo manga of all time for a reason, and it was a hit with every gender in Japan, the anime is considered a classic.

The story will still move you. Hiromi is defeated again and again and she always gets back up—but not easily! It’s so humiliating to lose or mess up. She tries to skip out, run away, she has to cry it out, sometimes only encouragement from her idols is what keeps her going. Eventually, she understands the real reason she keeps coming back is because she loves tennis.

If you want a female-centric sports story about a girl working her ass off to be the best she can be at what she loves, this is it. The anime is pretty innocent, there are no sexual overtones at all imo. So if you just want a story about girls that isn’t saturated in fanservice you might want to check it out too. 

You can buy the manga on Amazon or CDJapan.
You can buy the anime on Amazon.
The anime has been fansubbed if you want to preview.


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