And so the show ends reveals that Erin is continuing her mother’s legacy through both Lilan and having a human child to teach and care for like her mother did her.

I’m guessing from his appearance the child is Ia-lu’s (oh um, I haven’t blogged about him but he’s a neat character Erin has chemistry with) (and according to Crunchyroll comments, the books confirm that) but I kind of like that we didn’t know who the father was because that wasn’t important. This is Erin’s story about continuing her mother’s legacy and finding her path, and the kid is simply representative of her continuing what she valued about her mother. The dude involved does not matter.

This was a good show with a great protag. It had great world building, very solid story and character development and it treated female characters with respect and gave them prominence. I’d recommend it, though it is very long and slow paced, so it might now be for everyone. But it is undeniably a great story and a gem of an anime that does not pander grossly at all, but simply tells its story with warmth and heart and purity.


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