As I mentioned before, this is my one quibble about this episode plotwise. In every other aspect I think it improved on Ami’s manga and anime introduction terrifically (yup, writing wise I like this a lot better than Ami’s old anime intro. It’s way more dramatic and poignant, and you get a much clearer idea of what Usagi means to Ami, and Ami being brainwashed is great drama)

But I really do prefer the whole manga bit where, instead of Mamoru freeing her and princess carrying her or anything, Mamoru’s dramatic entrance is…Usagi going “whoa I can’t see” and Mamoru appearing out of nowhere just to lift her up a little and yell “THE MONSTERS IN FRONT OF YOU KICK IT SAILOR MOON”

and Usagi just kicks it. And yells an attack name as she kicks it for no reason.

That shit is hilarious and adorable.

I mean look at it



that’s his contribution. Dream team.

I may also just really have wanted to see Usagi kick someone in the face


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