Yes you are. That’s your role in life. She throws trash, and it summons you. This is how she’ll find you even when you’re married. She’ll throw some trash, and your trash can head will appear to catch it. “Right, Mamo-chan, now that I’ve found you, do the laundry”. It will be like that.

This was pretty repetitive of last episode, so I won’t cap the whole thing. Seriously Crystal, you don’t have to have her say “WHY IS MY HEART POUNDING” every time they meet. WE GOT IT THE FIRST TIME. WE KNOW WHY. 

Anyway, the point is Mamoru notices Usagi has a talking cat because he is the only person who pays attention in this town, and also thought a cram school might seriously hold the Silver Crystal because it had Crystal in it’s name. Next he’ll see a DVD for this anime and be like IT SAYS CRYSTAL. CRYSTAL? WHERE? while ripping it apart. 

someone will say “it’s crystal clear” and he’ll attack them.


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