No I don’t know what’s up with the animation and Usagi’s hair

But again, I love that Usagi was so inspired by Ami and thinks she’s so cool she decided to be a doctor, and even identified as doctor to give herself confidence and reach out to Ami. It’s like “look Ami, you made me want to be a doctor, even if only for a little bit! You’re fine just the way you are! A doctor wouldn’t want you to be used as a studying robot”

I love that Usagi is basically saying here “you do not deserve to be used. You do not deserve to be exploited for your intellect. You are smart and my role model, but you are so much more than that, and I care about you”. It was Usagi’s friendship that allowed Ami to find her power because she realized being smart doesn’t mean she has to put up with people exploiting her and using her for it. She shouldn’t be exploited as a role model. Usagi’s letting her know that she loves her and her brains, but would never use her for it. She might want to learn from her, but not exploit her.

Usagi is letting Ami know that even if people try to use her, even if she gets caught up in work and feels lonely and like all she’s good at is studying, Usagi will never let her feel alone or lose their connection. She will break in if she has to, but she will never let Ami forget what she means to her as a person, as a friend. It’s that feeling, knowing that this girl loves and looks up to her and still sees her as a person first and foremost, knowing she doesn’t have to be exploited, knowing she is more than what people use her for. that allows Ami to unlock her true potential.

With that, all I have left is the fight, so I’ll take a break and finish up tomorrow.


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