(Ignore Ami’s wonky eyes. They’re technically even, but they LOOK SO WEIRD. WHAT WAS WITH THE ANIMATION IN THIS EPISODE. Prayer circle for it to get better, especially since the Moon Pride vid was so good).

Whenever Ami says all she’s good for is studying it breaks my heart. NO YOU ARE A PERFECT ANGEL AND WONDERFUL PERSON WHO IS CAPABLE OF SO MUCH AND HAS SO MUCH WORTH AND USAGI WILL SHOW YOU. It really is how you can feel when so much depends on school though, I can relate. I definitely felt as a kid I was nothing if I didn’t get good grades, that this was my only worth. So seeing it represented in Ami kinda resonates, and seeing Usagi show her she’s wrong does too.

Seriously, shout out to Ami for for showing young girls a girl doggedly pursuing her dreams to get into the medical field with her mother as her medical role model since ‘93. Mother daughter doctor legacy, that really is the bomb.

And shout out to Usagi for instantly admiring Ami for it and thinking it’s cool and great, because of course she does. 


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