So basically Akiko met a douchecanoe who was all upset at the super ridiculous amount of freedom women were getting in the 1920s (note sarcasm) and now she wants to kick his ass in baseball. I don’t think beating him at baseball would really have anything to do with convincing him girls deserve an education, so I’m guessing the goal is just to publically humiliate him, which is a noble cause I am totally down for.

Judging from the intensity of her sadness (and the shoujo bubbles in the flashback) I’m guessing Akiko had a crush on this guy before he broke her heart by revealing he was full of shit.

It seems like like Main Character is trying to assure her she can fill the void he left in her heart. They are like an inch away from making out.

Anyway, sisterhood and taking down oppressive attitudes, i am liking this show.


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