CANON LESBIAN CONFIRMED AND ONLY TWO EPISODES IN (well actually two lesbians, if you count her little fangirl).

Basically, shorthaired girl blushily stares at the baseball team, and after repeating the word “yuri” at least three times, girl with braids informs her sister “she probably digs someone on the baseball team”. Sister is like “NO!!!” but then observes her basically salivating over Main Character, gets physically between them and demands to join the team too. And shorthaired girls spends the rest of the episode trying to impress Main Character.

Sister is REALLY against her sister being a lesbian, which I suppose is realistic for the 1920s (and maybe I’m imagining it, but there also seems to be an implication she’s struggling with her own gay feelings), but I like how braid girl is super chill about it. “Your sis is probably a lesbian, lol, how cute”.

So yeah, if you’re tired of the many sports anime that never actually confirm characters are gay despite all the homoeroticism, this show is already delivering on the canon, so I suggest checking it out.


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