Enjoy. 🙂

Wow, really awesome to see the different animation styles in every frame! What an ambitious project! 

But I’m very sorry, since it’s this particular dub episode, I can’t reblog this without warning anyone who does decide to watch this (and you should for the animation coolness) and hasn’t seen the original Japanese version that the Sailor team and co SERIOUSLY aren’t this constantly and endlessly nasty to each other in the sub. 

1. In the sub Usagi (Serena) was always 100 determined to save Tuxedo Mask and 100 percent committed to the plan she came up with, she definitely never wanted to stop and the others never pressured her into doing it anyway, it was the opposite, they were worried about how dangerous it would be for her. And Usagi wasn’t just trying to rescue Tuxedo Mask (though that was the main goal) but also truly infiltrate the base of the bad guys so the others could follow and destroy the enemy- so she was even willing to let them take her in to accomplish that goal.

2. The fighting between Mars and Moon was not nearly as mean spirited (nor were half on the insults directed towards Serena here even present in the sub). In the sub, rather than say she’d mess up the plan, Rei was worried about Usagi and asked her if she wanted to go through with it, and since Rei is usually so hard on her, Usagi mistook this as belief she wasn’t a competent leader, and they bickered. 

3. Most importantly, REI DID NOT STEAL USAGI’S WAND in the sub. She would have never done something that would have endangered her friend’s life like it. It was the OPPOSITE- Usagi begged Rei to keep the wand for her so there was no way the bad guys could take it off her during her ruse. This was meant to demonstrate Usagi’s absolute trust in Rei and show that despite their bickering, they were really good friends. (Also, it showed Usagi’s commitment to her plan and willingness to risk her own life).

4. Almost as importantly, in the sub, Usagi DID NOT WANT Rei and the others to come save her. She felt if she held out long enough she was going to be able to trick the bad guys into believing she had been abandoned by her friends and truly switch sides. Rather than calling for help here and Rei basically ignoring her pleas, she was internally begging them not to come in the subs and Rei was trying her best to follow her wishes, but broke because she couldn’t stand to see Usagi in pain. 

I know it may not seem important, but these characters were written having really deep, intense bonds, while this dub episode in particular makes them not even feel like friends, or like they even care about each other’s safety…and these characters are important to me, and also this episode REALLY downplays Usagi’s commitment to her cause, so I couldn’t reblog this without stressing it isn’t like this in the original, and the dub changed things.

So watch this video, but I feel better having posted this disclaimer as far as the audio content used. Sorry for the inconvenience, and no disrespect intended to the people who did this project!

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