Beach Stars and its sequel The Beach Stars (original no?) actually doesn’t have much of any fanservice at all besides the girls being aware of the fact that they are essentially wearing bikinis and are playing beach volleyball. But even though the series is listed as Ecchi, there actually isn’t any in it, in fact it seem as though the author was forced to make the series an ecchi (like Negima), and was struggling to make it an ecchi, but then eventually gave up and made it a straight sports series (again like Negima), and when it was there it was the girls lamp shading the fact that they’re wearing bikinis, the occasional nudity. And there is one part in chapter 9, that is not played for laughs, and this is what happens to the guy at the end. And that’s it, its basically a straight sports manga.

If you’re in the mood for a new psychological anime I recommend “Ghost Hound” (from Chikai J. Konaka the same guy who made L.A.I.N.). In terms of manga a nice Romance manga try “Emma”, its from Mori Kaoru (the same one who wrote Otoyomegatari) or anything from her really; “Koi” (linking you to this because its actually hard to find) and also “Shirahime-Syo” by CLAMP (CCS, Rayearth- also this if you haven’t read it yet just don’t watch the anime); For action “Cutey Honey”, 1970s anime, manga, or Flash (aka the only ones that Go Nagai actually had a hand in) I prefer the 1970s because they don’t add in the obligatory long white haired pretty boy like in Flash. “Witch Craft Works” by Mizunagi Ryu, Also for comedy we’ve got “Binbougami ga” by Sukeno Yoshiaki (its a series that would be perfect if not for the priest, though thankfully he doesn’t appear often), and again “Magi” (the manga not the anime, because it cuts out Sasha and Leila and they are awesome female characters, somehow Baba, Hakuei, and Alibaba end up being less awesome) by Shinobu Othtaka  for an Adventure series, you’ll like it if you like mythology, politics, and period pieces, mixed with fantasy, and philosophy.

For interesting about social justice or just the social norm in Japan “IS – Otoko demo Onna demo Nai Sei”, by Rokuhana Chiyo, which is a manga that seriously explores intersexuality in Japan.

Thanks for the recs!


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