Loki: Want to team up? We should totally team up.

Daimon: Peers team up. We work together, and you’re my sidekick at best.

Loki: Hmmmm, doesn’t that mean I’ll end up dying tragically to give you motivation to overcome the final adversary or some similar tragedy?

Daimon: Yeah, probably.

Loki: I like the sound of that!

Leah: Me too.

Loki, don’t fall for the lure of your own memorial case! O Leah you’re so cutting.

I really don’t know why Loki loves the idea of being fridged so much. Maybe he just really likes it whenever he sees thor crying over him during his various deaths/fake deaths because YES I FEEL SO LOVED AND NEEDED and just wants that from as many people as possible.

maybe he just really fucking wants to have a memorial case and then come back as an angsty crimelord or amnesiac assassin with an metallic arm and fuck with everyone and make his loved ones confused and upset actually that’s probably it.


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