(Loki is getting rid of  hel-puppies)

(The video is labeled HELP SAD CHRISTMAS PUPPY as people gather around a computer)

Narration: The cutest puppy was placed before a camera, its legend was charted by Tumblr-scribes, and religious icons crafted from webcam shots decorated with bold fonts. The donation button rang true and clear, and with each chime, ensured it would properly be cared for in the manner of a mortal puppy.

It was a supernaturally cute thing, after all.



I mean of course he would use Tumblr to sell the puppy and not Facebook, he knows where he’s most popular.

Please tell me someone made a Loki tumblr with the video and everything after this was published. Otherwise this site has failed.

and as a finale, loki sells a puppy on tumblr and narrates it like it’s a mythological epic or some shit.

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