Leah you are so awesome

[Loki: The names Laufeyson, Loki Laufeyson. And I’ll have my milk shaken, not stirred.

Leah: You are not a superspy.

Loki: Am too! The All-Mothers, no less than the rulers of Asgard themselves, appointed me as their top secret agent, god of cool cars, silly gadgets and improbable plotlines!

Leah: They blackmailed you into doing their dirty work because that’s what the God of Treachery is good for. And you don’t have a driver’s license.

Loki: I’m applying for for a permit in the fall! Why don’t you ever play along? You could be my Gal Freyja’s day. Think of it — Leah, handmaiden of Hela and sidekick to the stars!

Leah: Unlikely. You’re definitely the sidekick.

Loki: It’s my book!

Leah: I drink your milkshake.

Loki: …I thought we were sharing…

Leah: The name’s Leah. Just Leah. And I don’t have to like any of you.]


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