Hopping to the lyric piece for the moment, before I flail some more at the girls (WHICH YOU KNOW IS COMING). I clearly hear the lyrics specifically mentioning girls, and I kind of wish the official subs reflected that.

So fuck it, I’ll just put it back in there. The tone of the line then reads to me like something along the lines of “Girls have unshakable wills! We’ll fight for our destiny without waiting for a prince.” Which OKAY BACK TO WANTING TO CRY AGAIN

Is it even necessary to say what it means to hear this message? To hear it clearly and unflinchingly direct? In the sea of female characters constantly stripped of their agency, to have these girls saying (in the guise of the opening theme, which we’ve already established is functionally the characters singing) “Oh fuck no, not here, not us, we got this” is everything. EVERYTHING.

And that they did it in the part where we first see Mamoru is the cherry on my empowerment sundae. Everything about their encounter is Usagi’s moment. She initiates the contact, it’s about how she’s feeling, and when the moment is over, she’s where we stay, again surrounded by her girls.

The lyrics don’t fuck around: “We don’t need some dude to save us”. They entirely don’t.

I will never be over this opening is not fucking around with its message.

Moon Pride indeed.


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