This moment is huge.

It’s huge and it KNOWS it’s huge, and it’s created specifically be BE huge. I’m happy to say that it works for me so well in so many ways.

We don’t know where Crystal’s going to go yet, but assuming it follows the same basic points from the original anime (which it may or may not), then there WAS no Sailor Moon in the Silver Millennium.

I’ve talked a whole lot about how I see things in the SilMil, very much including the relationship between Princess Serenity and her Senshi. My headcanon (loosely) is the idea of Sailor Moon is a creation of Queen Serenity fulfilling the desires of her daughter (see also here, here, and here). What we are seeing is no less than the birth of Sailor Moon.

I love the moment where Usagi names herself. LOVE. She has a second of hesitation where she tries to answer the very simple question of “Who are you?”, and while Luna prompts Usagi, she doesn’t TELL her. That’s a tiny detail that I simply adore.

In the original anime, Luna tells Usagi who she is.


In PGSM, Usagi says it herself, but automatically, as though it’s already old hat.


With Crystal we have that moment where Usagi genuinely has NO IDEA how to answer who she is. From the standpoint of my Giant Sailor Moon Canon Voltron (which I’ll apply until Crystal shows me otherwise), she SHOULDN’T. There’s never been a Sailor Moon before now.

It is so wonderful and important that Usagi gets to decide who she’ll be.

I love how, as the moon shines brighter, Usagi seizes this. Throughout Crystal we’ve seen her fumbling around and generally seeming like life is something completely out of her control. She can’t get up on time, she can’t go down stairs properly, she can’t take two steps without busting her face. She’s late, she’s hungry, she’s failing. She’s not up on the latest trends and news, she’s not good at games without help, her family’s upset with her. She can’t even get a nap in.

But in this moment when Usagi is asked who she is, she panics for just a second, but then SHE KNOWS. It’s everything she’s waited two lifetimes to be. A slow smile spreads, and for the first time all episode — possibly for the first time in her life — we see a glimmer of person Usagi has the capacity to be.

I think there are a lot of reads on this, on that smile in particular. But for me, I adore what I see as a moment where — for reasons she couldn’t possibly understand — Usagi feels she’s waited her entire life to say the words “I am Sailor Moon”.


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