Okay, I feel like we’re all tired of crap like this, but I found this. I know trolls will be trolls and some people are way overreacting, but this sort of thing is just cold blooded. It’s one thing to give someone a scare, however severe. It’s another entirely to target people specifically reaching out to get help for their problems.

Everyone just don’t click any links and stay out of the tags if you are at all sensitive to graphic material. Please be smart about this and stay away from tumblr altogether if you know yourself to have any serious issues with this sort of thing. If you are worried about this, feel free to message me and we can set up a game plan.

Okay that’s fucked up.

I’ve also seen this going around:

…so be careful about the links you click, too. Maybe try and rely on Google for a while instead of following links.

oh my god WHAT THE FUCK? 


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