Look what I found!

Incase you’re confused on what this means, it basically means that they are planning to create images that we would usually post and hide files that can essentially take down our blogs.


Be careful about what file’s you’re downloading. Otherwise, you could loose your blog.


Jpg’s aren’t executable files. You can’t get a virus from a jpg itself. If you see a picture on your dashboard, you can not be infected by it. If there’s a link to download the image, then yeah, you should definitely think twice about clicking, because a malicious website can infect you (plus why click a download link when you can just right-click-save?). Also, if you see something like image.jpg.vbs or image.jpg.exe as the file name when you hover over a “download” link, then you know you’d be setting yourself up for a bad time if you clicked it.

But seriously, the panic over 4chan is getting ridiculous. These are a bunch of nobodies who don’t know shit about the world. They’re trying to get a rise out of people, and they’re succeeding.

Yes, you may have to stay out of tags for a while if you are worried about triggers, or if you’re the type of person who would see a post from a random stranger about making a crystal out of bleach and ammonia and say to yourself “What a great idea, I have to try that!” (ammonia and bleach are never a good mix, and the fumes are a quick way to a very bad time).

I’m not personally worried about what a bunch of children with a superiority complex will do to me over an internet connection. Play safe, keep your antivirus turned on, and don’t download things that you don’t trust (basically the same rules you should be following all the time anyway), and don’t assume that someone that you don’t know is not a 4Chan person just because they reblogged that post that says “if you see this somewhere on my blog, I’m not a 4Channer.”

But there’s really no reason to fear these losers to the extent that some of tumblr is fearing them.

4chan is shitting themselves with joy over the panic that they’ve created. I’m guilty too — while I haven’t been chasing my own tail over this, I’ve reblogged a few things on my personal blog to say not-nice things about 4chan in them. But at this point, I think the best way to fight back is to just ignore these fools. Go to tumblr.com/ignore and input the URL of anyone you see spamming tags and report them for harassment, and then move on. Don’t go to their ask box and engage them, because that will make their day. It’s not like they’re going to read your ask and suddenly see the error of their ways — these are psychopaths and sadists we’re dealing with here. They need professional help; a 500-character ask isn’t going to cut it.

Don’t give them the satisfaction of being the center of attention, because that’s exactly what they crave. Tumblr’s a strong community, and will survive the Great Annoying-But-Not-Dangerous 4Chan Invasion of 2014.

Stuff like changing the links to suicide prevention and screamers CAN be dangerous, so it’s worth warning for, but I do agree fearing viruses and giving them TOO much attention is counterproductive. They’re definitely not that powerful and there’s no need to panic like this.


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