Can I just talk about the cruciality and how badass is Sailor Venus in the manga?

– She was the closest friend of Princess Serenity.

– She watched her lover die.

– She was the leader of the Inner senshi.

– And the wielder of the freaking holy sword that killed Beryl. 

She didn’t just watch someone she had a crush on die, she KILLED him because he was a threat to the world and protecting her friends and her people was more important than this dude who she acknowledged was pretty shitty in the end.

In fact, she did this twice. The first monster she faced was a senpai she had a crush on, but he threatened the life and life of the other students. It depressed her for a while, but then she was able to move on and be like “whatevs gonna live my life there’s other fish in the sea”. She even decided to wear the bow he said looked good on her because she DID look good in it and she liked it, and she wasn’t going to let this shitty guy taint that.


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