aw yeah baby.

(Could they have translated the sailor suit line any more awkwardly though? And I still prefer “Pretty Soldier” as a translation. And yes, that was the translation before, you hear them sing “Sailor Soldiers” in English a couple times in the old anime, and there’s the “La Soldier” song. Not sure when it changed to “guardian” as the official translation. Oh well. Not that big a deal).

hahah what the fuck her legs are three times as long as her torso and as big around as her arm. I’ve seen some ridiculous anime art before but this is just nonsense.

Fuck you leenoo have you even seen the proportions of the original anime?

Uh excuse you? Sorry that the chosen show also draws women in shitty ways. I’ll make sure to arbitrarily compare it to completely misogynistic things next time I’m laughing at sailor moon having spider legs.

Pero Sailor Scouts have always had spider legs! 

hey, guess what? It’s kinda rude to reblog people trying to liveblog something they enjoy  to do something unrelated like bash the art (without research or familiarity with the thing) and get into arguments. I don’t appreciate having to see it.

This show is based off a 90s shoujo manga which often have completely stylized sticklike anatomy and sharp edges. You see it in CLAMP, Utena, etc too. It was far more common back then than it is now. There are issues to talk about here, including body image stuff, and of course it may not be something everyone enjoys. but you also need to consider the issues of deciding an art style pioneered by Japanese women writing and drawing comics for girls is inherently the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen, when we have shit like independently moving giant breasts the side of mac trucks and moe stuff.

The people involved have said they are very much trying to capture this story for girls and by a woman, which was glamorous and unreal looking. This is an female-driven aesthetic from another country that may not completely be familiar, and we need to consider that before ripping on people for blogging about it. It’s stylized, there’s some issues to discuss, but it’s sort of harmful to dismiss and decide a style used by very successful women is them being shitty. It’s definitely idealized, but not in a way meant to appeal to men, and that’s also valuable to discuss.

I do agree that super skinnyness is harmful as a glamorous aesthetic and like to discuss that too. But I prefer this to a lot of other things that could have happened. Also, the dudes are drawn very elongated and skinny too, for the record.

Also yeah, don’t randomly saying fuck you to each other for having opinions here either. 


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