Though I’m not hugely into the Serenity-Endymion romance, the credits are gorg. Serenity’s semi-transparent dress, so cool! And I like the colored lights representing the senshi (though where is Minako? Did she steal Usagi’s color?)

ANYWAY THUS ENDS THE CRYSTAL BLOG FINALLY. I mean except for the preview but I am not going all the way over to niconico to cap that. All you need to know is AMI.

Can’t wait for the rest!

Overall, a few animation qualms, but the music is great, Kotono’s acting remains as great as ever and Usagi gives me such joy, the opening is the most perfect thing, some gorgeous moments and nice details, very true to the manga, and I have high hopes for the future. It just warmed my heart. YAY FOR SAILOR MOON’S ENDURING LEGEND!

Now I’m exhausted. I have a billion trillion asks but I’m so tired i’m just gonna play sims. BYE.


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