Sailor Moon Viz 2014 Dub Cast Reels

So, it kind of got swept up in all the excitement of Sailor Moon Crystal, but Viz recently released the cast of their upcoming re-dub of the entire Sailor Moon series. Which is also pretty exciting! Some of you have had the lucky privilege of watching some episodes of the new dub already at an early screening, but the rest of us don’t know what to expect. So, I put together this video of the main cast characters and some of their previous voice work. The clips I picked are pretty arbitrary based on what was available on YouTube, but I tried to find examples that showed off their range best. Some of them have not appeared in very many things at all, so there’s slim pickings.

Be aware that there are notable changes in sound quality between clips, and the cuts can be jarring between different scenes. If you are especially sensitive to these kinds of noises, please exercise caution.

You can hear more of these actors’ work at their personal pages:

Stephanie Sheh (Sailor Moon)
Kate Higgins (Sailor Mercury)
Cristina Vee (Sailor Mars)
Amanda C. Miller (Sailor Jupiter)
Cherami Leigh (Sailor Venus) @ Twitter
Robbie Daymond (Tuxedo Mask)
Michelle Ruff (Luna)
Johnny Yong Bosch (Artemis) @ Twitter

My thoughts:

I really like them! I’m always one to welcome fresh blood into the fandom and they all sound really good. I’m interested to see how Kate Higgins will sound as Mercury; I think she’s completely capable of it, but none of her characters I heard were anything like Ami, so it was hard to judge. The only concern I have is Robbie Daymond as Mamoru. He just… doesn’t really seem quite right to me. His Godkiller and Transformers clips were close, I guess – he’s definitely a great actor though. And, now that I think about it, he sounds a lot like the first dub Darien, so that’s not too bad.

My favourites are Cherami Leigh and Amanda C. Miller. They’re great actors and they really suit the characters. They remind me a lot of the old dub actors, especially Amanda, who sounds like she’s doing a Susan Roman impression at times! It’s weird to see Johnny Yong Bosch involved but then get such a small a role as Artemis, though. It’s like Kappei Yamaguchi in PGSM all over again.

Also, final note: If I messed up anywhere please let me know. I haven’t seen all the shows sampled here and I wouldn’t put it past me to have accidentally mistaken a fandub YouTube video for an official one, although I did try to be as thorough as possible.

oh man, I didn’t read the video game or non animation stuff clips carefully so I didn’t know Kate Higgins played Barbara Gordon and Miller played Kate Bishop.

AMI IS BATGIRL/ORACLE AND MAKO IS HAWKEYE. GOOD. Yeah, I’m esp excited about Miller, she sounds perfect

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