I totally get the concern about expressiveness, but after seeing the first episode I’m not as concerned? I agree there’s still an occasional dead eye problem I hope they fix and it’s not quite as full as exaggerated expressions as the manga and the animation could use some work all around, and I hope it does improve over time- but I’m seeing a decent range of emotive expressions here and Usagi comes across as a very animated and emotive person still. We super angry, super scared, shocked, happy, blushy schoolgirl, disconcerted, crying and sniveling- and it’s not quite as cartoony, but they are still obvious and emotive expressions.

Again, I DO hope they figure out how to make the eyes a little more…reflective? I don’t even know what the deal is with the eyes but something is occasionally weird there. And I do hope we get some more exaggerated unpretty mangatastic expressions down the line. But I’m definitely not seeing the anime hiding that Usagi is an emotive person. 


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