First off “we all have unshakable wills” YES YOU DO BABIES.  (I think I heard “onna” in there? So is it “we women have unshakable wills? or was it something that sounded like “onna”. If it is “onna” EVEN BETTER).


third, WOW MAMORU COULD YOU BE ANY MORE OF A GIANT FUCKING NERD. Standing there in the preppiest fucking clothes you could find, in your grandpa sweater and tie, READING WHILE WALKING, ALL ALONE IN THE RAIN i just…wow

we’ve reached maximum nerd.

I can’t make out the words to the book but it’s in English so Mamoru is reading a book in English because “haha look how good i am at foreign languages unlike a certain somebody” WHICH JUST ADDS TO THE PRETENTIOUS NERDINESS.

on the other hand he has to read alone in the rain and unlike usagi has no friends coming to flock him that’s kinda sad. but don’t worry he’ll brainwash himself a friend someday.

edit: oh wait it says “THE BOOK OF JEWELS AND STONES” he’s fucking researching for his jewel thievery because of fucking course he is? MAMORU CHIBA, WORLD’S NERDIEST JEWEL THIEF.


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