[top Image: The New 52 Batgirl vol 2] [Bottom image: Wonder Woman: Warkiller] 

Is it just Black Canary’s job to hang out with other Super Ladies whenever they need back-up or advice? The TWO most recent DC books I bought just have her show up and hang out, handing out advice, and kicking butt.

It’s like Black Canary is just everyone’s go to friend. 

Gail Simone wrote both of these books, and she wrote Black Canary a lot and has great attachment to her, so she tends to show up a lot in her stories.

What’s more, before DC made the horribly shitty decision of erasing Barbara’s disability and history as an independent hero leading her own team so she could be “fixed” and be Batgirl again, Babs and Dinah were basically the closest friends in the universe and the core of the BoP book. With mega gay subtext half the time.

,Undoubtedly this is a hollow callback to that, since most of their history has been rewritten, just like Babs history and mentorship with several other women have been erased so we can have classic white redhead batgirl again instead of a fully grown independent hero who passed on the legacy of Batgirl to a disabled Asian woman who has now been completely erased.


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