The Wonder Woman at the beginning of The New Frontier should be, IMO, your *starting point.* Get on her level, dudebros.

Lol. What run is this from?

As said, it’s from Darwyn Cooke’s “The New Frontier”, which was an AU six issue limited series story set mainly during the Cold War, and deals with the heroes dealing with the era’s politics (including racism and “The Red Scare”). It’s a pretty solid book and Wonder Woman is represented well, though I wish she’d been featured in it a little more.

What was nice about this bit is Wonder Woman just freed these women and let them decide how to deal with their oppressors how they saw fit. Superman scolds her for it, but she basically says she has no right to tell them what to do in response to their trauma. There’s still probably some problematic elements, but i like the message, especially since she was not framed as in the wrong and Superman was, for once. Also, she was taller than everyone, including him, which I really liked.


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