Speaking of doll makers, this is embarassing but…

I somehow made all the dumbing of age girls on the sailor senshi dollmaker.

I was bored.

Amazi-Girl’s is pretty clearly based off her superhero outfit.

Sarah’s is based off the fact she tends to wear purple and light green, though the knee-high’s are based off this outfit. The bow was the best aproximation I could do for her kercheif.

I noticed Billie overwhelmingly tended to wear black and yellow sp I did her in that.

Did Ruth in her overalls color. She also tends to wear green though I guess I misremembered and made it a lighter green than I should have.

Either dorothy tends to favor green and light blue jeans or I based it off one of her outfits. I can’t find the picture so you’ll have to take my word for it.

Joyce favors orange with blue jeans. Also, I think she’d be thrilled to be a senshi sinceJoyce likes Sailor Moon in Its Walky, and while her DOA version wouldn’t have been allowed to watch it (if it was even airing? I guess she’s about 5 years younger than me and it was airing when I was in sixth grade so…yeah she’d have been in 1st). if she could, I think she’d really like it.

Carla’s is based off her shortpacked! outfit cuz I like it.

Malaya was the last one I did- I couldn’t really decide who to finish up with. I wanted to do Dina but there was nothing to aproximate her hat. I did find sometime to aproximate Malaya’s sticky-out hair, and she’s one of my faves, so I went with her. Based off her outfit in her first appearance.

Sal’s is based off this outfit. In hindsight it probably should have been her biker gear. Yes she’s supposed to be holding a cig.

Marcie’s is off this outfit.

So yeah. I guess I was really bored and wanted to fool with dollmakers.


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