Revolutionary Girl Utena.

I don’t think I would have survived my adolescence without this series; and it’s not the most popular thing out there so it’s okay if you’ve never heard of it. It’s 50/50 – you either absolutely love it or completely loathe it.  The show constantly tests the audience and covers a wide range of topics/themes from gender roles, sexuality, that awkward transition between childhood to adulthood, loss of innocence, idealized notions of friendship/love, identity…etc etc etc. 

From that, there aren’t many characters out there that are as tragically beautiful as Arisugawa Juri. I think the majority of teenagers have experienced unrequited love at one point, and can easily relate to her. She’s an individual who acts serious and confident, and yet is easily one of the most vulnerable individuals as you get to know her. It’s one thing to have an unrequited love; it’s another issue entirely when that love takes advantage of you, manipulates you, and enjoys your suffering. …But being young, and foolish, you don’t know any better and so, so desperately want to help save this person you love for all of the wrong reasons… 


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