ainomessage has yet again translated another Sailor Moon Crystal Article for you guys! This time is Animage July 2014!

You can find the article here:

There’s so many important things going on in this article right now!! Go, go, go!! I would use lots of Sailor Moon animated gifs of excitement if I had internet!!

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I think the “follow the manga exactly” might not actually be the case (maybe the it was dubiously phrased in the original language?), since the manga’s first arc really isn’t long enough to adapt into 26 episodes that are 30 minutes long- I mean, it would be 13 episodes, tops. They’re going to have to add stuff. But that means they’re likely going to follow the manga more but really flesh things out which I’m super excited about!

We’re aiming to do something new, so I would like it to align with a different vector than previous works aimed at girls. It will have a bit of a mature feel… so it will include a love story and also themes of not always being a “good girl.”

Sako: The relationship between the five girls illustrated by Ms. Takeuchi is realistic. They complain about things, they don’t always act super clingy, but they’re still good friends. I also have vivid memories of how jealous Usagi got when Chibiusa appeared.

Sakai: One of the great things about the manga is how relatable it is for girls.

Sako: Anime are often made by men, so I think it’s pretty difficult to convey the nuances of a manga written by a woman… For example, Usagi and Mamoru have a very close relationship in the manga, so they must have a special way of talking and thinking about each other. Because we’re following the manga closely, I hope we can convey that sort of atmosphere correctly.



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