Hotaru: “Don’t butt into house affairs, Kaori! (She grabs the coffee from Kaori’s hands)


She was even sassier in the manga, when she was basically like “I know you’re fucking her, dad and I dissaprove. SHAME ON YOU BOTH.”

And Kaori wasn’t even particularly mean to her in the manga!

If I remember correctly, Hotaru was a little bitch to Kaorinite in the manga

It’s like jeez girl, the reason she got possessed by the Death Busters was because she was trying to save your ass with cybernetics and she was still pretty nice to you anyway, let your dad move on you clingy brat  

yes, let your abusive dad who treats you like shit move on, Hotaru. Be nice to the lady who is helping him turn you into a monster, basically kill you, and !~move on~ from the horrible death of your mother. How dare you be clingy after your mother was killed in a horrible lab accident and your father has been acting cold to you and exploiting you ever since. How dare you. 

A 12 year old girl being abrasive towards the person who she sees as replacing her mother while enduring an abusive situation and also being in terrible pain is NO REASON to call her that sort of insult. 

All Hotaru knew was her dad started acting cold and distant to her and got a new woman in his life after the death of her mother. It makes sense for her to not want anything to do with this new woman, lots of kids act like that in that sort of situation. 

And no, Kaori did not get possessed trying to save Hotaru. It was when Tomoe opened up the dimension that caused the accident in the first place. And Hotaru had no idea Kaori was possessed.

Do not fucking reblog my posts with this shit. I don’t want to hear you calling little girl characters bitches, I don’t want to hear you blaming someone for being whiny in a tragic and abusive situation. Stay out of this blog.


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