I feel like I’m pummeling you with drawings so apologies for adding to the pile, but the whole Usagi/Rei switching places thing sent the wheels in my head a-turnin’. Also, I’m pretty sure this is the first thing that I’ve colored with markers in a couple of years, so there’s that, too. I blame you. 😐

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There is nothing to apologize for here. Except perhaps FOR MY HEART ON THE FLOOR

Wow, this is really just bringing home. Rei appears to be so better off, but in a place where she doesn’t even notice Usagi. That part of her just completely lost. And Usagi. So closed and uncertain. She wants more, but can’t quite bring herself to reach for it. Even just the difference in their outfits, how out of place they look and feel.

I love this. I really love this a lot. (And your markers work is fantastic.) Thank you so much for doing this and sharing it with us.

OH MAN, even the little details like how Rei is carrying her bag over her shoulder like Usagi did in early episodes of the series (carrying your bag like that often marks a female character as a “tomboy” in anime, or at least as very informal/relaxed, because it’s how guys generally carry their bags) while Usagi holds hers in the proper way, all ladylike. Rei in Usagi’s position is able to be more free and informal rather than present herself as the perfect ojou-sama, while poor Usagi is trying to keep up a formal facade.


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