I love how Megumi consistently acknowledges that it’s particularly special for people to take on challenges WHEN they are incredibly flawed and weak.and want to run away, and how hard it can be to work to rectify your mistakes. She instantly zeroes in on the fact Hime’s risking her life here.

Which, I hope she stands up to Fortune for Hime and points this out. It would be nice if her friends would actually DEFEND her against Fortune’s insults, and having Megumi point out to Iona that Hime has repeatedly put her life on the line here, so maybe back off, would be nice. Megumi’s all positive attitude is great, but I feel it would be kinda realistic if she got angry once in a while?

Moreover, I’m interested in the reason Hime opened the box. I hope there is one and that it’s more than “she was curious”. 


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