hachapre blog!

Hime’s reaction to Cure Fortune revealing the secret is almost heartbreakingly helpless and childish. I dunno, I find the part where she covers her ears kinda sad.

And a look at Cure Fortune’s sister! She’s a blue cure, like Hime! MAYBE THEY ARE THE SAME PERSON. I’m kidding. JUST ANOTHER REASON HIME BUMPED HER OFF, YOU CAN’T HAVE TWO BLUE CURES. Also kidding.

Also, I didn’t notice until going back and grabbing screencaps that Seiji was even present for this conversation. Nobody ever acknowledges he’s there, he doesn’t speak the entire ep and disappears soon after this and Hime only cares about Megumi and Yuko being upset with her, not him. Despite their recent friendship episode. Sorry about ur life, Seiji.


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