The Bat Family Contradictions

Just a casual reminder that, like real people, fictional characters can have very contradictory traits to their personalities — especially in fictional works as layered and complicated as superhero comics — and when we forget these other aspects of their personalities, we really are selling our favorites short!

  • Bruce can have doubts about his adherence to his “No Kill” rule when it comes to his family and morally gray area with villains.
  • Alfred can lose his cool when his loved ones are in danger (especially from themselves).
  • Barbara can be happy, hopeful and confident after her paralysis.
  • Dick can need space and not be 100% cuddly all the time.
  • Jason can be very considerate of others’ feelings and show concern for them, even when they’re not close to him personally.
  • Tim can admit to his mistakes and attempt to make up for them for the sake of friendship and family
  • Stephanie can be brutal and angry, especially with those who have hurt her.
  • Cass can be snarky and sarcastic with lots of humor.
  • Damian can lack confidence and be seriously troubled by his position in the family.

If any of these sides are missing from a portrayal, it needs to seriously be questioned why that’s so. Because these aren’t just casual conditions, it’s part of their characters. And it makes them way more interesting imho

And, like anything else, there’s plenty of other traits and aspects of their personality that can be explored, too.


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