As you guys know, I’m not super into Usagi/Mamoru. But I did enjoy this. (And not just for Mimete getting a brutal shut down, though that did not hurt.)

I like how Mamoru’s super polite … in speech. But then he’s all glares and forcefully protective when it comes to actually showing “LOOK I HAVE A FAMILY OKAY HERE THEY ARE SHOVE OFF NOW”. And it’s not using them as a smokescreen or an excuse to get out of having to deal with Mimete’s advances, he is genuinely insulted that she didn’t know on sight what Usagi and Chibi-Usa meant to him.

And that’s cute while also being perfectly Mamoru.

How could you NOT know? How can you be in the same room as us AND NOT INSTANTLY KNOW OF OUR EPIC LOVE STORY??

Then the end. “They’re my future wife and daughter.”

And I will just appreciate that those exact words in that exact order came out of his mouth without hesitation.

But, again, like Miimete is the idiot here for NOT KNOWING THAT. It’s such a fact in Mamoru’s mind, just such a given.

“Here I am, enjoying a day at the botanical garden with my future wife and child. As you do.”

It’s kind of like the zenith of Mamoru, that perfect moment of love and absurdity.


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